Let’s Get in the ‘Right’ Skin

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ?  We often forget that because its not an internal organ.    While the skin protects the body, it also is a window to your internal system. If something is out of balance internally, high stress for example, your skin usually shows it. I remember a few years ago I had a huge HUGE stress event and the next morning my entire neck was broken out.  It was horrible especially for someone who RARELY gets pimples or break outs anymore.  Ugghhh stress really sucks, am I right?  lol  (Grab my Free E-book to get help on stress) and check my other blog on stress here


I often get a lot of questions about skin issues and I always let folks know that we need to look at the root of the issue.   Its not just a simple, do this and that will happen.  Stress, Hormones, Food Intolerance, etc can play a huge role in the way your skin looks.   In my case,  I feel like just using topical creams or salves  is just covering up the symptoms and that can make things actually get worse!!  So looking at the root along with offering symptom relief is a great place to start and finding a professional to help you can save you TONS of time, money  on things that don’t work, and shorten the time to healing.

So back to the skin….   because the skin acts as a barrier between your organs and the outside world, it can take a beating. So in this post I want to talk more about ways we can help get in the ‘right’ skin.

Here are some foundational protocols to get you started:


Food: There are many natural steps you can take to help keep your skin vibrant, healthy and nourished both from the inside and the outside. One of the best things you can do is eat fresh whole or as I call ‘real’ foods. Processed foods really play a havoc on your skin and your health in general, so getting more fresh foods is really a must.   If you need help with this GO HERE


Water– If you do not drink enough water, your skin will show it. Water is important for all organs, even those we can’t see. Stay hydrated by drinking clean water. I avoid tap water and opt for filtered or spring water. Doulton makes a great sink attachment to get cleaner water in your body. (www.needs.com) is a great resource


Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3 Fatty Acids- Fish, fish oil, flax seed and many nuts are all full of Omega 3s. These essential fatty acids are important for skin health. If you can not eat 3 servings of CLEAN coldwater fish per week, consider supplementing with HIGH Quality fish oil !! Makes sure it is tested, clean and without mercury.


Non-toxic skin care products– Many skin care products, meant to keep skin healthy, actually damage the skin with drying agents and chemicals. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, there is a high likelihood that it is a chemical.  Women’s skin care products are often the worse for our skin, because of all the chemicals, not to mention the animal testing as well. As an herbalist, I make all of my own skin care products (no I don’t sell all of it, lol) But one item I do sell is my advanced face serum that everyone loves to help nourish their skin!    (Please note if you do make you own be mindful preservatives are not always a bad thing, because bacteria can develop– so do be smart about that part  :D)    That said, be just as picky as what you put on your face as you do about what you put in your body! 😀

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