If it has to do with, Stress, Overwhelm or Exhaustion, I can help!

"'Optimal health” does not and will never come in a pill or tonic – the human body and the interactions that we each have between our genes, outlooks, environments, and lifestyles are far too complex to ever be addressed wholly or completely by a simplistic paradigm or single treatment.'

Dr. Alex Vasques


So let's start here (check all that apply): I am here because I:

  • Feel like I have foggy thinking a lot, like I am far away.

  • Have low energy and feel like I need a nap during the day.

  • I am sensitive (I think I'm an introvert or empath) and its wearing me down physically.

  • I feel like my libido is low.

  • I have a chronic illness and I am frustrated, my doctors won't listen to me.

  • I feel moody and irritated.

  • I feel anxious all the time, like the other shoe is gonna drop.

  • I feel tired but when I sleep (if I do) I still don't feel rested.

  • I feel like I have to be 'wonder woman'

  • I feel exhausted, and now I am starting to feel blue a lot.

  • My doctor said my labs are fine, but I don't feel fine, I feel like no one will listen to me!

Good News, my friend!  There's no wrong answer, If any of the above apply you're in the right place!

Hi I'm Kelli Hughart  I am a Clinical Herbalist/Aromatherapist and Functional Medicine Health Coach, and I help support, empower and educate caring busy women who struggle with stress, overwhelm and exhaustion, relax and regain their energy naturally so that they can get their mojo back.

I am the creator of several programs, and speaker at local, online workshops and events. I have been leading others on their quest for wellness with natural remedies for 10 years, professionally, and in my own journey and known as the 'family and friend expert' for over 20 years! 

I have advanced certifications in Clinical Herbalism, Reiki, Clinical Aromatherapy, Nutritional Therapy,  Results Coaching, and MORE!

I go well beyond other wellness wellness practitioners, to bring in mind/body concepts, functional medicine concepts,  along with SOLID herb, flower essence, and aromatherapy remedies for a well-rounded approach to healing so that you can get real and lasting change

I'm known as the 'no fad zone' and my clients say 'Kelli is the real deal.' 

I love supporting, and educating my clients with easy, yet solid, natural solutions that will last! 

My last client came in with low energy, adrenal fatigue, along with a chronic illness and was not getting help from her medical staff.  She didn't feel like her medical staff took time to even listen her and she felt frustrated.  She was ready to discover alternative and holistic options, as she felt at the 'end of her rope.'

During our work together we incorporated ways to make things easier for her daily, supported her on food that was nourishing instead of depleting,  and helped her get more relaxation time and be more productive.  She raised her energy levels from a 2 to a 9 in our time of working together, got off her medications  and now feels better than she has in years. 


Join me  HERE to sign up for my free FACEBOOK group where I share more about Herbs, Aromatherapy, Mindset, Positivity,  and Solid Holistic approaches to Wellness. 


Because I love nature, forage for my medicine and food and do Wildlife Rehabilitation, I am known as 'WildWoman.'   I am in stewardship of 60 Acres that is being managed as a  wildlife and botanical sanctuary.    I am also the Director of the non profit organization named AWARE.

As a caring, empathetic woman, I feel like giving back to my community is very important, and doing wildlife rehabilitation and education is a natural extension of my love for plants, nature, and love for the environment.

The property, Tawodi (Cherokee for hawk),  was a 20th Anniversary gift from my darling husband! We release wildlife and are raising rare plants.


Why Am I so Passionate about This?

Now I may be a big fan being 'lost' in the woods, while chewing on tulip poplar buds,  but my real passion is to help busy women  who are struggling with exhaustion and stress!      Who feel overwhelmed, no energy,  and worse  may have  even fallen ill because they feel like they have to be 'wonder woman.' They may feel like their business is suffering because they are being pulled in 1000 different directions.

tree over creek

Heres Why...

I had a personal struggle with  burnout (allostatic load burden) and an unusual genetic illness, that I overcame, naturally (with herbalism, aromatherapy and functional medicine protocols) and I know that I can help you too!

I was rushed to the ER with chest pains and mental confusion, but they just assumed I was 'drunk.'  They even refused to call my cardiologist or give me basic care.

I left the ER worse than when I came in.  And more frustrated.  Later my Cardiologist said, you have Dysautonomia, POTS, but I can't help you. Sorry.

That's when I realized I had NO HELP.  So I used my skills in Herbalism, Aromatharpy and I went deeper with Functional Medicine Practices,  to heal myself.   Now I feel better than in my 20's!  And I am on ZERO medications!

I know that you have a special talent and passion and that you WANT to be seen and heard in the world. I want to help you reclaim your health so you can do that. I know that if I can come through my issue, I know I can help you too!

My approach is all about helping helping the body (the vital force) with solid remedies, helping you make yourself a priority, and finding right natural therapies that work for you, not your neighbor! You see, we are all different.  Its my goal to help you so that you can reclaim your life and not spend years face down in a computer researching alternative therapies that may not be right for you.

I am here to LISTEN to you.

Many of my clients say that I was the only person that 'has really heard them' and their needs.  I am ready to listen to you.


Here are some Random Facts:

  • I am a martial artist!  I am a 4th Dan in Tae Kwon Do Master  and just earned my blue belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and I practice Tai Chi
  • Last year I rehabbed and released 40 Box Turtles, released 2 owls, 20 Bunnies and 21 Opossums. Some people call me the turtle master. lol.
  • I am Reiki Master/Teacher and I train others to use and practice Reiki daily, like I do!
  • I love nature and spending time alone, and barefoot. I love doing wildlife tracking and listening to bird language.  I have over 2000 hours in volunteer time with Virginia Master Naturalist.
  • I am a Functional Medicine junkie I love the benefits of working with Functional Medicine practices and approach with myself and my clients
  • My first herbal medicine I made was when I was a teenager. I learned how to make 'Yellowroot Tea' with my grandmother. My great grandmother was a granny healer! 
  • I practice ethical foraging and plant medicine and am a member of United Plant Savers, 
  • I love to make food and medicine with common weeds!  Chickweed pesto yum!
  • I once delivered 2 baby goats! (Stop Light and Olympia)
  • I have been interviewed on multiple occasion by local magazine about herbalism, wildlife rehab and naturalism. 
  • I have been a quest speaker at herb gatherings and other events and gatherings.

Kelli does not represent any supplement, essential oil or herb company. Any and all recommendations come from solid training and not kick backs

Information Contained Here is For educational Purposes Only!

None of the information contained on this website is designed to diagnose, cure or treat disease.