90 Day One on One Coaching

$ 1,297.00 $ 997.00

Kelli cares about her clients and their progress.  She is not there to sell you ‘the next big thing.’  I am continually impressed on the depth of her commitment to her clients




Do you struggle with making yourself a priority?  What if 90 days from now you could find more ways to make yourself a priority?   What about have more energy, fuel your body better and have less stress?

What would like be like for you?   What would you do now that you feel better?   Travel? Go back to school to get your dream job?  Move to another area?  Do more with your friends or family?  What is that was  REALLY realistic for you?   How would your life change for the better?

What if you had a reputable, knowledgable 1  on 1 person WHO HAS BEEN there. to help you achieve that goal what would that be worth to you?   What if our working together and the things your learn and implement actually lasted you for the rest of your life?  No more $500 dollar kits from friends  that don’t work, or $100 dollar smoothie mixes every month that are NOT sustainable?.  Think of the money you would save in the long run!  Just saving $500  a month or $1200 a year in kits or packages or herbs you don’t need alone will pay for this coaching AND you will actionable steps and learn things that will last you forever. A coach wants you to be independent and on your own with solid principles that will last forever.  If you are an action taker and not afraid to get real with yourself, then THAT’s what we can do together! Schedule a free call to see if I have the resources that can help you! 

We will work together to create the vision you have for yourself and  achieve it!  If you felt better, you may get your dream job, open a new business, maybe you would move to that quaint place your always wanted to.  You may retire an old relationship that has been dragging you down.  That is PRICELESS, no one can put a price-tag on your health. You are worth it!

What is your health worth to you?

Bi-weekly sessions, unlimited check ins.  First session is longer so allow for extra time:

Bonuses: 1 Reiki Session (if desired)

Free E- Books included

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