Pantry Makeover

$ 125.00

‘Kelli makes things simple and easy so that is is doable! She is always supportive’



Please confirm vial phone or email that you are within driving range before ordering, as Refund are given less a $15 dollar processing fee.

No sure where to start with your food and know you need extra help?  You would love to have someone standing next to you in your kitchen to get help?    Try a Pantry Makeover (within 20-30 minutes drive only do not order if you are out of the area, please, as any refund will be less a $25 service free) .

You won’t be overwhelmed and you won’t be judged or treated snootily like other coaches.   I will give you simple tools and ways to eliminate products that are not healthy or even harmful and teach you what to look for when you go to the grocery store. You will also get a mini lesson of Traffic light eating to get you started (75 dollar value) for free!