Virtual VIP Wellness Day

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If you are a ‘let’s get it done NOW’ type of person, keep reading!

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Get specialized one on one time with me  to help you reach your goals in your wellness!

Wellness (as defined by the National Wellness Institute)  is a multidimensional holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment. That means its way more than just the food you eat (while very important mind you) and moving your body.  In today’s time people are so busy they often neglect their wellness and often fall ill.

Are you busy?  Are you the YES person?  Do you feel exhausted?  Why don’t you join me and spend the day focusing on YOU and make yourself a priority!!   You are busy, you have a full schedule but you know its time for you to make yourself a priority, but when do you find the time? Take ONE day and work on the areas that are important to YOU!  This is completely about you with my support, empowerment and resources.  Get the support you need from a professional with solid, sound,  and reputable information.  I am know as the ‘no fad zone’

I have a full schedule (and often a wait list)

Via Skype/Zoom

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Here’s all you get:

Distance Reiki Session to Clear your Chakras and Balance your Chi (this sessional will occur after our call within 24 hours via distance Reiki.

(This will be done after our calls to make best use of our time together)

Introduction session (where are you, where do you want to go)

One on One Mentoring on your specific goals for your wellness (stress, self care, sleep, foods, relationships, etc)  from a empathetic yet empowering professional. (Priceless)

Three 50 Minute Coaching Sessions to dial in on your needs, get clarity and support and empowerment where YOU need it most!  (No need to spend time on things that are working well for you) There will  5-15 breaks in between for potty/snacks.

Resources and Handouts (via email) to support you down the road.(included no extra charge)

Smoothie and Whole Foods Recipe E-Books  Included no extra charge

Visualizing/Anchoring sessions and exercises sessions

Mind/Body approaches and or exercises sessions

Four Hours of total YOU time working where you need it most!  + Distance Reiki Session (we do not need to be on the phone or Skype  of this) + Resources!

5-10 e-mail follow ups for clarification and support (included no extra charge)

1 – 30  minute Phone Follow for support must be scheduled within 4 weeks of VIP Day (included no extra charge)

Easily worth $997

Introductory price  (limited time)