Hi, I'm Kelli Hughart, Ph.D. Candidate, CPC, RMT FMCHC 

I'm a  Certified Trauma-Informed Professional Coach & Hypnotherapist.

I help women who struggle with trauma who are not getting help with conventional therapies regain their calm and happiness using the mind-body medicine approach that supports long-lasting healing.


me and Slainte

I am Kelli Hughart, Ph.D. Candidate, RMT, FMCHC, CPC

I'm a certified professional trauma-informed coach and hypnotherapist who helps women who have had emotional abuse (from a narcissistic mate or family) who are not getting help with conventional therapies, regain their calm and find happiness, so they can show up in the world with their gifts.  

Healing can be hard, you don't have to do it all alone! I am here to help!